Ways to maximise space in your home

Having lived through a year of ‘wfh’, we have all needed to create space at home for work and relaxation.

By Raman Sandhu

Here, we have listed a few ways in which you can add a fresh new area to your living space.


When you enter your home you don’t want to feel an oppressing sense of clutter. Think about what you need here and clear the entrance way by using storage ottomans and hooks to hang bags and coats out of the way. Shoes can be tidied away using shoe racks or slim shoe cupboards that can double up as a console area for keys and letters.


The kitchen is the heart of the home and is easily the most used space in the house. Keep this area clean and look through what you have in your cupboards. Could this be stored more effectively using clear containers? Combing through your pantry drawers and cupboards will help you get rid of unwanted food, keep your stock levels visible and help reduce waste. Another tip is to have appliances and containers that are on show in the same colour palette as your worktop. Walls or tiles can also create the illusion of more space.

Living rooms

Members of the family tend to bring things into this common space, which can often pile up into groups of unwanted clutter. Ottoman storage and shelving can quickly tidy up and conceal consoles, digital boxes, remotes and books.


A sanctuary and haven from a busy day, your bedroom should be an inviting space. Piles of clothing and accessories aren’t conducive to a peaceful environment, so make sure your cupboards are being used as effectively as possible. Consider using vacuum storage bags or boxes to hide away seasonal clothes.



Visited and used when we are half-asleep, we often forget to organise this space effectively. But a clear, open space can help us feel more ‘Zen’ when relaxing in the tub if we organise our towels, bottles and beauty products using baskets, hooks and shelving.

Office space

Whilst most of us have used the kitchen table as a makeshift office of late, it is possible to keep aside a space for your folders, laptops and stationery. Consider using a fold-away table or a ladder-style leaning desk tucked in a corner of a room, with an expanding storage box underneath to contain your important documents.


This shouldn’t be a dumping ground! Have a good look around and recycle or visit your local waste centre to get rid of things you no longer need. Use racking and zoned areas to hang bicycles, and store large bulky items rather than keeping them in the house. This will make it easier to walk around – you can even zone-off areas to work out.

For further inspiration, visit The HomeEdit, Houzz or livingetc for more ideas on how to create open, clutter-free homes.