Understanding valuations

The three most important factors to determine a property’s valuation are:

  • The size of property
  • The location
  • Prices within the locality

By Raman Sandhu

Additional factors that come into play include any extra touches that the homeowner may have made to their home to make it more appealing. For example, they might have fitted a new kitchen, an extension or other particular features, making the property stand out from the competition. Local and national market knowledge is also key to understanding what buyers might be willing to pay, in the context of what is happening elsewhere.

Of course, you can search online to find out how much properties have sold for in the past and gauge the demand in an area. However, every property is unique and all the algorithms in the world can’t replace an agent’s knowledge and presence to look at each individual home to appreciate its real value.

Visiting a property at a valuation means that an agent can better understand the space and size of the rooms in your home as well as what the owner loves about their home. The agent can find out what makes the area unique and why the owner is looking to move. All these factors help to build a realistic image of the property and will assist the valuation process.

Finally, an agent can make suggestions about how to increase buyer interest in your property and help to sell your home.

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