Seasonal tips for organising your home all year long

Preparing your home for the year ahead can bring about a sense of organisation and readiness to your home.

By Raman Sadhu

Spring  ✿

The season to start spring cleaning. Preparing your home for the year ahead can bring about a sense of organisation and readiness to your home.

Wash those windows

Overcast days and direct sunlight can show up streaks and watermarks on your windows. Using a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth, clean your windows, dust blinds and shades. Also, vacuum or dry clean curtains so they remain clear and clean.

Kitchen appliances

Take out the shelves and containers in your fridge, freezer, microwave and pantry cupboard or drawers and give them a good clean in warm, soapy water to get rid of any bacteria and food spillages.

Junk drawers

We are all guilty of it: the one junk drawer where life’s random bits and bobs collate and are ignored. Try to organise it as best as possible, using old bowls and boxes to collect any stray bits together.


Pull furniture away from the walls and vacuum and dust behind them. Then, try cleaning the upholstery with a separate attachment so that your sofa cushions are also given a freshen up.


For all of your children’s plastic toys, pop them in the dishwasher but be sure to skip the heated dry process. For stuffed animals, pop them into a pillowcase and throw them into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
field in the summer

Summer  ༄

At last! The summer months are the perfect season to create a chilled, outdoor-indoor living vibe in your home.

Clear up your garden

You will inevitably be spending more time outdoors this season so use this time for some pruning, trimming and mowing. Plant pots, hanging baskets and a swept patio will help to turn your garden into a relaxing space to enjoy.


The plainest and gloomiest of rooms can be brought to life with a dose of foliage inside. Creating an outdoor feel inside is easiest done with an arrangement of plants.

Al fresco eating

If you are planning to eat outdoors, ensure your tables and chairs have been dusted off, wiped down and that you have some outdoor-friendly cups and plates at hand.

Paint your fences

Whilst sat outdoors, treat the perimeter of your garden like your lounge walls: a fresh lick of paint will bring new life to your outdoor space.
painting a fence

Autumn  ❦

As the nights start to draw in and the smell of bonfires waft through the air, it’s all about making your living space feel cosy and warm. These ideas will help you to organise your home once the school run starts back up and you end up spending more time indoors.

Clean the fireplace

If you’re planning on using a fireplace, it’s a good idea to line the area with newspaper and remove all the ash and dust with a broom. With radiators, it’s also a good time to bleed them (always begin with the radiator furthest away from your boiler) and dust behind them before they are cranked up to warm your home.

Cut the grass

Walk around the garden and do a last general tidy up; cover up the outdoor tables and chairs, put the large parasol away and trim the grass to make your garden look neat.

Deep clean the house

If, like us, your summers are usually spent outdoors and the house is largely used for sleeping, take this time to dust all the forgotten nooks and crannies. This is also a good time to clean the windows to avoid any noticeable smear marks when the sun is low in the sky. Then, put your summer wardrobe away and add some spicier scents around the home in the form of candles and potpourri.

Layer up

Colder weather means you need to feel cosier at home, and that means layering up the sofas with more cushions and throws. Choosing richer, deeper colours to reflect the season is always a good look. To save money doing this, simply buy new cushion covers to cover any existing ones you want to change up.

Clean the oven

As warming casseroles, pies and crumbles will be on the menu this season, this is a great time to clean out the oven (either yourself or professionally) to ensure it’s ready for all the home baking that’s about to commence.

Clear out the gutters

With leaves starting to fall try and avoid any build-up of debris by giving your gutters a clear out. Be extra safe using ladders and clear out large debris such as leaves and twigs by hand. Use a trowel to scoop out compacted rubbish.
blowing away leaves on the steps

Winter  ≈

The end of the year brings in celebrations and decorations. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your home is ready to adorn with festive trinkets.

Cobwebs – Get rid of these by dusting around the corners of walls and ceilings. You may need to re-organise the furniture around your room to make space for a Christmas tree and other large decorative features, so make sure everything is as clean as possible. It will be hard to reach some spots whilst your festive centrepieces are on display.
Guestrooms – If you have relatives coming to stay, it would be wise to clear out some space in your closet and guestrooms. You don’t want to create a cluttered space for them to stay in so vacuum, dust and prepare clean linens to make your houseguests feel at home.
Preparing the feast – No festive season would be complete without multiple feasts and platters of party food being prepared. So it’s a good idea to get your kitchen space ready.

cobwebs on a window